Wine and Port

1971 Wine and Port

1971 Wine Vintage Report

1971 Vintage Port :

No Vintage Ports were produced in 1971.

1971 Italian :

Considered to be one of the greatest vintages of the 20th century for Italian wine, excellent growing conditions during 1971 produced a small crop of rich, full bodied wines that have aged gracefully and will last for many years. These wines would make an excellent 48 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary. In Piedmont, Barolo and Barbaresco are outstanding with a high level of consistency. Barbera d'Alba and Barbera d'Asti were also excellent. In Tuscany, the best results were in Chianti where this year was officially rated a 5-star vintage. Many of the wines have shown exceptional ageing qualities. It was also a good vintage for Brunello.

1971 Bordeaux :

1971 was a very good wine vintage, whose only failing was to be overshadowed by the outstanding 1970 vintage. The crop size of the 1971 vintage was very small making wines of this year a rarity. Well-stored examples of wine are likely to remain mature for a few more years. Sweet wines such as Sauternes and Barsac were outstanding in this year and will last for many decades to come.

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1971 1971 Sauternes

Bright orange-golden colour. Rich and complex aroma with dominant scents of dried and sugared fruits. Exquisite structure, acidity and finesse, with a strong aftertaste.
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1971 1971 Barolo

Made with the Nebbiolo grape, Barolo is considered to be one of the finest types of wine in the world and is often refered to as 'the King of wines'. 1971 is one of the all time classic vintages for Barolos.
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1971 1971 Barolo

Barolo is known as the 'king of wines' and is made from the Nebbiolo grape. Heady aromas of rose, leather, vanilla, cherry, pepper, cranberry, strawberry.
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1971 1971 Chateau Bellefont Belcier

A delicate bouquet with red fruits, licorice, butter and oak. This is still very much alive, with berry fruits and a musty, cigar box that follows the wine throughout.
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1971 1971 Chateau La Lagune

Quite a deep garnet core. A surprisingly sweet, fragrant almost floral nose with notes of backed cherries and tar. Lovely gentle persistent weave of mature fruit and tobacco.
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1971 1971 Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Ch√Ęteau Lafite Rothschild 1971 proves that Lafite Rothchild's wines always live up to its reputation, and it is the most consistent of first growths.

According to Jamie Goode (of wineanorak.
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1971 1971 Chateau Rieussec

A superb 95 point (Wine Journal) 1971 dessert wine oozing with character. "A similar colour to the 1976, perhaps even slightly more youthful. An exquisite nose of white flowers, coconut, apricot and white peach.
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1971 1971 Grumello

Wide range of aromas from liqueur black cherries, to violet and liquorice. On the palate it has a mouthwatering, complex and rich taste with a fine balance.
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1971 1971 Nebbiolo

The Nebbiolo has a lovely earthy bouquet. The nose has cherries, dark cherries, tar and slight dried rose notes. Complex and layered. Nice acidity. Medium tannins still present.
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